Friday, July 15, 2011

LM5 is down!

Oh great...  ListMyFive (listmy5) is down!  What the heck?!  I had over 150 articles written on LM5!  Oh yeah, so I guess this is not a good way to earn money.  LOL  It is too bad listmy5 had to close so abruptly.  It is also horrible how they never even told their writers about this.  It sure makes eHow look good!

I am wondering, though...  What are all you LM5 (listmy5) writers doing now?!  Please leave a comment so we can all keep up on what is going on now.  Thanks!!!

Does anyone have any input on LM5 (listmy5) closing down?!  I wonder if they will be back or if they are gone forever.  I did receive my July payment, so that's good.  I hope everyone else who wrote for ListMyFive got paid, at least.

EDITED:  LM5 is up and running again.  I'm not sure how much faith I have in them after that episode, though.


  1. I haven't been online much lately due to computer issues and today I tried to login to LM5 and got the Go Daddy page saying they let their domain names expire. The money wasn't there I guess. I only made payout once over the past 7 months I had been a member. Last time I checked they owed me about $2. Snowfence, I know you put a lot of effort and enthusiasm into LM5 and you deserve better! I got my final payment from ehow this month after selling the 30 articles I had left on their site and now with LM5 disappearing I'm not feeling very inspired to contribute content to any other sites at the moment. I really need to focus on my own blogs where I know I have control over what happens.

  2. I love your blogs, too! They are really awesome! I really should spend more time there. :D

  3. LM5 was not down for long. They just renewed their contract a little late. That's all. They are still up and running. I haven't written anything in a while, but I just got paid another $12 from my previous articles. I think I might start writing again very soon. :D