Saturday, April 2, 2011

Articles Written by snowfence on Bukisa

Here is the complete list of online articles that I have written on Bukisa.  Please feel free to read and comment.  Also, please let me know if any of these links is not working.  Thank you very much!

Here is my referral link for anyone who would like to join Bukisa.  Bukisa is free to join, and anyone can earn money there by writing articles online.

How to Check on Your State Income Tax Refund Status

How to Begin a Career Making Money By Writing Online

I really enjoyed writing online at the site called Bukisa.  I ended up only writing two articles, though.  I was finally interested in finding other sites to write on since I could no longer write for eHow.  Actually, I could still write for eHow.  I would suddenly need to apply as a writer, though, even though I had already written 65 articles there and was making pretty good money.

I made some money from Bukisa, and I am pleased that I had picked up on the opportunity to have earned money there.  I may eventually write there again.  I am still a member there.  For now though, I am only writing on List My Five and blogging.  It is a very slow start for both List My Five and for the blogging.  I am not a quitter, though, and I am putting my all into this new venture.

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