Saturday, April 2, 2011

Articles Written by snowfence on Infobarrel

Here is the complete list of my online articles that I have written on Infobarrel.  Please feel free to read and comment on them.  Also, please let me know if any of these links is not working.  Thank you very much!

Here is my referral link for anyone who would like to join Infobarrel for free and start earning money by writing online.  You can surely see that there is a nice variety in my articles.  Writing online is really easy, and anyone can do this.  You do not need to be a professional writer by any means.

How to Find Ways to Save Money When You Don't Think You Have Any Money to Save

Creating Your Bucket List

What You Should Know About Weight Loss to Make Life and Losing Weight Alot Easier

How to Stick With That Minimum Wage Job and Be Proud

How to Prepare for a Job Interview

I had joined Infobarrel quite soon after joining Bukisa.  I guess that is why I had only written two articles on Bukisa.  I began devoting more of my time on Infobarrel.  The problem with Infobarrel is that I had to sign up for google adsense.  Google adsense does not pay you for writing online articles until you reach a minimum of earning at least $100.  After writing these few articles, I had decided that Infobarrel was not quite right for me either.

To this day, I still really miss the old eHow and all of my wonderful friends that I had made there.  My friends on eHow were really awesome.  I had made literally thousands of friends while writing online articles on eHow, and I had only written there for 2 1/2 months.  eHow had an awesome way of running things back then.  It really is too bad that they had to go and change everything.  I am still getting paid monthly for all the articles that I had written for eHow, so that is a great plus.

I have no idea when or if I will ever be getting paid any money for writing these articles on Infobarrel.  If I would go back there and write more articles, maybe I would get paid someday.  I need to earn at least $100 before I will get paid.  That $100 will include my Bukisa articles now that they have also changed their pay system and switched over to google adsense.  If I will ever earn any money from blogging, that money will also be included in with the minimum earnings of $100.

I guess that the more that I treat this whole online writing thing as a career, the more, and the quicker it will be that I will reach that first payout of $100.  I have seen many friends reaching their minimum payouts, so I know that this really is possible to do.

I hope that is enough 'fillers' added to qualify this as not being spam.  I honestly have no desire to spam, ever.  I have been told that I can not add links like this, and that I need to add at least 100 words per link that I add or it is called spamming.  I am only creating a collection of all my online writings here, though.

I am truly sorry if I have bothered anyone by posting the links to these articles here in my Articles Written by snowfence blog.  This blog is for my entire collection of articles that I have written online of which I am quite proud of.  Writing online and now blogging has begun taking over my life.  It is awesome, though, and I truly enjoy both writing online and blogging.  I can not believe that it has taken me so long to begin blogging.  I had always been too scared to blog.  Now that I have started blogging, I only wish that I had started much sooner.

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