Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Articles Written by snowfence on Factoidz

I just joined Factoidz which is another site for writing articles online and getting paid for it.  I will be posting my articles here with the newest article always on the top of the list.  I have heard that Factoidz is a great site to write for, and they also pay more money for your articles.  Only time will tell...

Here is my referral link for writing on Factoidz if anyone would like to give it a try.

My first article was rejected for being 'duplicated content'.  This was MY article that I wrote all on my own, too.  You cannot argue with these people, so whatever.   They didn't even return my article after reviewing it, either.
**  Always make a backup copy of your article before submitting it, or you may never see it again.

Here are the links to all of my articles that I have written on Factoidz with the newest always being added to the top of the list:

How to Get Over Your Fear of Birds

 5/2/11 - My 3rd article was rejected, too.  So, I published it on List My Five.  I think I am about done with Factoidz.  This is just ridiculous!  Here is the link to it.  :(

The Top Five Reasons to Learn the Side Effects and Warnings For Drugs and Medications

4/29/11 - My article was finally accepted!  LOL  I really have to admit that wasn't so hard after all.  I just needed to add a few facts...   I should have known that considering the site is called Factoidz.

4/28/11 - My 2nd article was returned to me for editing with no explanation why.  I changed the wording and title a bit, and resubmitted it.  It was returned to me again.  This time, Factoidz said they wanted more facts.  I added a few facts, and resubmitted it.  I am still awaiting their approval, and needless to say...  I am NOT so excited anymore.

4/25/11 - Alright, I wrote my 2nd article and submitted it to Factoidz.  This new article is something that I have never, ever wrote about before in any way whatsoever.  There is absolutely no way that Factoidz can do this to me again.  This time, my article will either be accepted or rejected for a real reason.  I should know the verdict in 3 to 4 days.  I am so excited!

Here is the link for my 1st article that I wrote for Factoidz that they rejected.  I published it on List My Five instead.

The Top Five Reasons Why Writing Online IS the New Way to Make Money By Working at Home

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  1. I have made it a practice of keeping a copy of my articles so I can look back on them or use them when a site does not return them to me. May I suggest this to you? I am so totally rooting for your success! Furthermore I know you did not duplicate anything!