Monday, May 16, 2011

It is Hard to Meet the Monthly Minimum Payout on LM5 - List My Five

Short and well...  not so sweet...  Here it is.  I finally got my earnings update on List My Five.  LOL  I have earned a whopping $2.83 so far this month.  Considering that this $2.83 is for 1/2 a month, it sure looks like it will be impossible to earn the monthly minimum payout of $10 this month for writing on LM5.  The earnings really rot right now, but the site is just short of being only a year old.  I guess ListMy5 needs time to grow.

Still, I would think I could at least earn the monthly minimum payout.  $10 is really not that much, especially with 153 articles.  I sure hope things will get better.  The question is:  Is my writing that bad or is it just LM5?

Yes, I am feeling quite discouraged right now about writing online to earn money by working at home.  Oh well, there are plenty of other websites out there that pay people for writing articles.  I am just wondering what to do at this point.  I am in no hurry to switch writing sites or to quit writing.  At least these pennies are adding up.  LOL  Slowly!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Writing Online at List My Five is Not Earning Nearly as Much Money as I Had Expected

I really thought that I would be earning much more money than this by writing online at List My Five.  Today is the 14th, and so far this month, I have only earned 78 cents.  I could certainly see so little earnings with just a few articles, but I have written 153 articles on LM5.  I think this is pretty ridiculous.  It is about time to start considering writing articles somewhere else online.  List My Five is just not paying well at all.  It's too bad, too.  I really thought that LM5 was going to be an awesome website to write online and get paid for working at home.

I can use just ONE coupon and save more money than what I have earned on List My Five in 1/2 a month.  That is not good.  I really wanted to earn money by working at home, maybe I should just spend more time clipping coupons.  LOL  Coupons are the best way to save money for me right now, and pretty much the only way to save money.

I don't want to save money, though.  I want to earn money!  Well, I want to save money AND earn money.  The earning part is just horrendous right now.  I need to do something to fix that and quick.